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27 January 1987
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Landi Love

absinthe, addiction, alcohol, alice in wonderland, alone, anatomy, angels, animals, anime, anorexia, anthony hopkins, art, art history, artistic nudity, astrology, autumn, bats, beautiful hell, beautiful things, beauty, billy corgan, biting, black nails, blades, bleeding, blood, blood letting, body mod, books, bruises, bulimia, bunnys, burlesque, burning, cherry blossoms, chinese culture, cigarettes, classic rock, clint eastwood, coffee, columbo, cosplay, dante alighieri, daphne du maurier, deepness, demons, devil may cry, disney, donnie darko, dreaming, escape, expressionism, eyeliner, fantasy, fetish, flowers, forensics, frida karloh, frozen hell, futons, gashes, geisha, germany, glam rock, glitter, gore, gothic, graveyards, grunge, guitar picks, gum, hairdye, hairmetal, harajuku, harry hill, hell, hentai, hippies, japanese culture, johnny cash, kmfdm, lollipops, lotr, love, mdfmk, mick rock, mohawks, monty python, museums, musicals, neon eyeshadow, neon green, neon pink, new rock boots, night, nightmare before christmas, old british comedy, old movies, pain, painting, philosophy, photo booths, photography, piano, piercings, pills, pirates, playing guitar, poe, poetry, psychology, punk, queen, rainbows, rammstein, razed in black, reading poetry, red lipstick, rocky horror picture show, romantic movement, rum, scars, seduction, sexuality, shoes, silent hill, singing, sisters of mercy, sketching, snow, sparkles, spikes, stars, starving, stitches, surgery, tattoos, the occult, the smashing pumpkins, the young ones, tim burton, type o negative, vampires, vampirism, victorian clothing, vomit, william blake, wounds, writing poetry, zombies